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Pyung-Ahn-Services International

Established; 1999 

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course

·        The course will consist of relevant sections of information to bring the student to high standard of knowledge to teach Hatha Yoga to a wide range of ability groups or individuals. 

·        The course will be 700 hours in duration [or completion of the course work which ever comes first] and will include 1.1/2 hours per week personal training in the physical aspects of Hatha Yoga postures as part of the course work. 

·        Study will take the form of delivered information and question and answer papers. The answers will be marked and sent back to the student with the score results of the test. 

·        Recommended literature and video material will be provided as information source to the various sections of the course work. 

·        The student will be trained in the method of delivery of a Hatha Yoga class to selected clients and feed back will assist in the development of teaching skills. 

·        Contact the site tutor for details of cost and requirements for the course. 

·        All of the course will be personally supervised by:- 

Stephen Nash. BSY.Hatha Yoga. BHMA.


Pyung-Ahn-Services International

Established; 1999 

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course Syllabus

The course work will consist of principle sections broken down into sub-sections.

Sub-sections will be introduced to the student on commencement of the course. 

Principle Sections 

·       What is Yoga?

·       Anatomy and Physiology

·       Terminology

·       The Ten Living Principles

·       The Seven Moving Principles

·       The Standing Postures

·       The Sitting Postures

·       Supine Postures

·       Prone Postures

·       Twisting Postures

·       Balancing Postures

·       Restorative Postures

·       Relaxation and Meditation

·       Yoga and Food

·       Belief systems within Yoga

·       Putting it all together

·       Demonstration of Postures

·       Teaching skills 

Stephen Nash. BSY.Hatha Yoga. BHMA.